Dinosaur Eggs
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⚖️ Governance token: DSG

Dinosaur Eggs is a fair-issued project with no pre-sale, no investors and no pre-mining. DSG is the governance token of the project, and it is also the abbreviation of "Dinosaur Eggs". Eggs are fragile and are prone to loss in transactions and transmissions. Therefore, very transfer operation of DSG will cause a loss of 0.05%, which makes DSG more scarce. Just like many other fair-issued projects, we will reward various participants in the Dinosaur Eggs ecosystem. This is the only way to earn DSG tokens.
Token name: DSG
Contract address: 0x9a78649501bbaac285ea4187299471b7ad4abd35
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

DSG supply

At present, there is no hard cap for the supply of DSG tokens, which will give the project a more adequate budget to continue to expand its ecological lanscape and create greater value.
However, no hard cap ≠ tokens remain inflation constant.
With the growth of Dinosaur Eggs ecology and business, users’ demand for DSG exceeds its supply. On the other hand, with the large-scale use of DSG, DSG will enter a state of deflation.
In “DSG token function and value capture” and “Membership token: vDSG”, we will illustrate the demand source and the deflation mechanism of DSG.
In the future, we will gradually reduce the production of DSG through proposals based on the development of the project.

DSG token function and value capture

DSG is the governance token of Dinosaur Eggs, and it has also been endowed with various functions. With DSG, you will obtain the following values:
  • Obtain the trade fee income of the trading platform: part of Dswap’s trade fee will be used to buy back and burn DSG
  • Mint vDSG, join the member: mint vDSG at a ratio of 100:1, and obtain additional Dswap trade fee distribution, transfer burning distribution, trade fee distribution of NFT trading platform, and other membership rights
  • Burn-on-transfer deflation: DSG has a burning mechanism, and each transfer deducts five-ten thousandths, of which three-ten thousandths are for burn directly, and two-ten thousandths are allocated to vDSG stakers
  • Used for NFT upgrade, the purchase of slot and the NFTs in market
  • Governance: After the DAO module is online, it can be used for proposals and voting
If you want to obtain greater rights and interests in Dinosaur World through DSG, you need to convert DSG to vDSG and join the membership. For vDSG and membership, please see: