Dinosaur Eggs
Liquity pool
You can provide liquidity to traders by adding tokens to the liquidity pool.​
When you add tokens to the liquidity pool, you will receive liquidity pool tokens (LP).
For example, if you deposit DSG and BUSD into the liquidity pool, you will receive DSG-BUSD LP tokens.
The number of LP tokens you receive represents your share in the DSG-BUSD liquidity pool, and you can withdraw your money at any time by removing liquidity.
As a reward for providing liquidity, you will receive trade fees as a reward.
For example, whenever someone trades on Dinosaurswap, traders will pay a 0.3% fee, of which 0.1% will be injected into the liquidity pool of the trading pair they trade. The value of the pool rises, and so does your LP value.
In order to make your LP to gain more value in addition to trade fees, you can also invest LP tokens into Jurassic Farm (here is the hyperlink to [Jurassic Farm]) to increase liquidity mining yields, while still getting a 0.1% trade fee reward.
You can also use a special NFT item-meat, to feed pterosaurs and help you increase your LP's income.
How to get meat NFT:
How to use meat NFT:
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