Dinosaur Eggs
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Dinosaur Eggs’ important contracts related to and user assets will be deployed after being audited by an authoritative audit company. The main audit organization of the project is Certik.
Our project page in Certik is:https://www.certik.org/projects/dinosaureggs


Timelock is a smart contract that delays the effectiveness of important changes in this project. We have created a cage for ourselves and put the rights of core developers into the cage, facilitating community supervision and protecting the interests of the community. This timelock contract itself is the owner of all contracts on the Dinosaur Eggs project. Therefore, each contract change takes effect through this timelock contract, so that the timelock contract acts as a moat to ensure the safety of funds.
Under this condition, each operation of the core developers of the team needs to pass this timelock contract, and the operation takes effect 24 hours later. Specifically, every change made by the administrator needs to be queued and then wait 24 hours before execution.
This mechanism enables the community to see all contract renewal operations in advance and prepare in advance. If any suspicious operation is found, users can withdraw their funds from the fund pool before the contract upgrade takes effect.
Timelock contracts:0x32b03c76d8b3301981777ea5ecf7f8478b9798b7