Dinosaur Eggs
How to stake money-hungry Dino and buy slot

Staking money-hungry Dino

Only by staking money-hungry Dino, you can get the trade fee. The income of money-hungry Dino will be distributed once a day, the income will be transferred to the distribution pool around 2:00AM (GMT) every day, and then begin to be distributed according to the power.
The specific operations are as follows:
Firstly,visit the NFT staking page here.
1.click enable NFT
2.Click "stake" under the money-hungry Dino you want to stake, and confirm it in your wallet
3.The staked money-hungry Dino will be lit, click "unstake" to cancel the staking

Staking a group of money-hungry Dinos

When you have collected a set of 1-6 levels of money-hungry Dinos NFT, you can choose to pay 10000DSG to buy the slot and put in the full set of money-hungry Dinos, which will get 5 times the power of the original full set of money-hungry Dinos.
1.In the slot module, click enable DSG
2.click buy slot, and confirm it
3.Click the empty slot space one by one, and select the NFT to be staked
4.click stake when you finish